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Alan Legaspi

Alan Legaspi
"I've been a NYC Operating Engineer in high-rise buildings both commercial and residential for over 18 years."
Veto Pro Pac
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"I've been a NYC Operating Engineer in high-rise buildings both commercial and residential for over 18 years.

"I was given an opportunity as summer vacation relief and was asked to stay on and learn the HVAC trade. I took that opportunity and never looked back. With being an Operating Engineer, you have to know just about every trade from HVAC, electric, plumbing, carpentry etc. I was very fortunate to have started in the industry with my father and then moved on to other locations working my way up to a Director of Engineering.

"I do a little of everything and like to be as organized as possible. I have gone from the buckets to the big dump style bags that you always prick or pinch yourself with something as you dig for tools. I have different bags/pouches for different jobs. The line that VETO offers allows for the organization and knowing where all the tools belong. My first bag was the LC about 10 years ago and let me tell you that these bags are built to last. I now have over a dozen bags and pouches. They range in set up from a simple meter pouch to a quick troubleshooting pouch to full install bags. Also, I have bags for plumbing, electric and carpentry. My latest additions are the VETO DR-XL drill bag and the Tech MC, which I have set up with data tools.

"I usually get some feedback about my bags and by the end of the job guys are always asking where did I get it. They see how the tools always have a place in the bag and how much quicker I can retrieve a tool than their big dump style bags.

"VETO bags help me have all my tools for certain types of jobs and make sure that I don’t forget that one tool because it’s already in the bag! If you're looking to be more efficient and organized then look no further as VETO PRO PAC has hit the nail on the head with their line."