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Government-Military-Schools Program

Government and Military Program


As a government, law enforcement agency, branch of the military, fire or school/university department that prides itself on efficiency and doing professional work, the tools you use to perform the services for our country are paramount to your success.

  1. Veto Pro Pac tool bags provide your agency, department, unit, squad or branch with best in class tool bags that make a statement about the professionalism of the people who perform the services.
  2. Veto Pro Pac tool bags' patented center panel and high quality construction will improve efficiency and save time by providing the highest level of organization any product in the tool bag category can offer. This reduces trips to the truck, van or other vehicle and eliminates time searching for tools going to and from performing services. Ultimately, these factors will increase productivity, efficiency and professionalism.
  3. Employees, members, officers and others performing services for your department, agency or branch will appreciate your efforts to recognize their importance to your organization with Veto Pro Pac's best in class tool bags; customers who carry Veto Pro Pac tool bags take more pride in their work than those using lower quality products.

Veto Pro Pac tool bags have been purchased by either individuals or groups from various schools, government agencies and military branches including the Air Force, FBI, EPA, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Federal Correctional Facilities, various law enforcement agencies throughout the country, and many others.

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