To qualify for Veto Pro Pac’s Spring Promotion and receive the FREE TP4B you must purchase either a TECH-PAC, TECH-MCT, TECH-XL, TECH-LC, MB-MC, RB-MC, TECH-PAC HI-VIZ, TECH-PAC CAMO, TECH-PAC MC, TECH OT-MC, MB-MCT, RB-MC CAMO, TECH-PAC LT, TECH-PAC MC-LT, TECH-MC, LC, DR-LC, MB-TT, XL, DR-XL, MB-TTXL, XLT, OT-LC, OT-XL,or XXLF between March 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019.
Veto Pro Pac will NOT make any exceptions for bags purchased outside of those dates or for other model bags purchased other than the model bags listed above.

Spring Promo 2019

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